Name Role Email
Ashby, Katie Science Teacher, Math Teacher kashby@psdschools.org
Bauman-Stucky, Noelle Orchestra Teacher, Photography 1 nbauman@psdschools.org
Bono, Vincent Social Studies Teacher vbono@psdschools.org
Bradford, Erin 8th Grade Science Teacher, Honors Science Teacher, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Science Olympiad Coach ebradford@psdschools.org
Brandon, Kendall Mathematics Teacher kbrandon@psdschools.org
Breaux, Catherine Mathematics Teacher cbreaux@psdschools.org
Broste, Liz Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher ebroste@psdschools.org
Davis, Bryan Principal bryand@psdschools.org
Elshof, Sue Night Lead Custodian selshof@psdschools.org
Foster, Anne Media Tech II afoster@psdschools.org
Galbavy, Fay Science Teacher fgalbavy@psdschools.org
Gillis, Christopher Mathematics Teacher chgillis@psdschools.org
Goodrich, Leah Occupational Therapist lgoodrich@psdschools.org
Graff, Stephanie Science Teacher 6-8., Chemical Coordinator and Alliance of Therapy Dog Handler, Teacher Learning Page sgraff@psdschools.org
Gray, Jaime Attendance Secretary jgray@psdschools.org
Halter, Erin 8th Grade Integrated Services Case Manager , Integrated Services Department Lead ehalter@psdschools.org
Hampson, Bethany Vocal Music Teacher bhampson@psdschools.org
Hontz, Jamie Athletic/Office Secretary jhontz@psdschools.org
Jackson, Amanda 7th Grade School Counselor amjackson@psdschools.org
Jankow, Mark 7th Grade Team Lead, 7/8 English Teacher, WEB Coordinator mjankow@psdschools.org
Kaup, Deramie Social Studies Teacher, Yearbook Advisor, GT Coordinator dkaup@psdschools.org
Kelly-Owens, Leslie (Pat) Paraprofessional Integr Svc II lkellyowens@psdschools.org
Kinnick, Jacqueline Social Studies Teacher jkinnick@psdschools.org
Laaveg, Krista Physical Education & Health Teacher klaaveg@psdschools.org
Long, Marc Social Studies Teacher mlong@psdschools.org
Luther, Chris Student Monitor cluther@psdschools.org
Marsh, Skye Language Arts Teacher, 6th Grade Team Lead smarsh@psdschools.org
Mejia, Enrique 6th Grade English Teacher emejia@psdschools.org
Milburn-Lauer, Jake Language Arts Teacher jmilburnlauer@psdschools.org
Miller, Ashton Assistant Principal ashtonm@psdschools.org
Morris, Scott Mathematics Teacher smorris@psdschools.org
Nurton, Jason Literacy Teacher jnurton@psdschools.org
O'Connor, Cassandra Language Arts Teacher, WEB Coordinator coconnor@psdschools.org
Perez, Whitney 6th Grade Math Teacher wperez@psdschools.org
Petersen, Brian Science Teacher bpeterse@psdschools.org
Poduska, Paul Social Studies Teacher ppoduska@psdschools.org
Ruiz, Chelsea Art Teacher chruiz@psdschools.org
Rutherford, Lisa Spanish Teacher, World Langage Explorations lrutherf@psdschools.org
Salz, Susan Office Manager ssalz@psdschools.org
Schachet, Laura Teacher, Librarian/Media Specialist lschache@psdschools.org
Schermer , Katie Integrated Services teacher kscherme@psdschools.org
Schroeder, Geoffrey Career and Technical Education, CO Hunter Education geoffs@psdschools.org
Schrom, Daniel PE Teacher dschrom@psdschools.org
Seiler, Kate 8th Grade Integrated Services Case Manager kseiler@psdschools.org
Skaggs, MaKenzie School Psychologist mskaggs@psdschools.org
Smith, Bethany 6th Grade English Teacher bethanys@psdschools.org
Sugar-Johnson, Melissa 8th Grade Counselor msugar@psdschools.org
Vaughan, Sara Mathematics Teacher svaughan@psdschools.org
Watson, Shery Building Technology Coordinator swatson@psdschools.org
Webster-Wheeler, Jana Music Teacher jwebster@psdschools.org
West , Katie 7th & 8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher kawest@psdschools.org
Wortmann Jr, Thomas Integrated Services teacher twortmannjr@psdschools.org
Wren, Becca Assistant Principal - Athletic Director rwren@psdschools.org
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.