Technology Education

Intro to Technology (6th Grade):

Exciting and fast paced hands-on/minds-on course, students will explore areas of technology and engineering from Electronics to Rocketry. During each unit Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts will be integrated to provide the student with 21st century skills and help build technological literacy. Students learn about the history of technology, shop tools and safety, the seven primary categories of technology, and work on different projects using shop tools & equipment. This class will provide the foundation for additional Technology Education curriculum offered to seventh and eighth grade students.

Exploring Technology & Engineering Concepts (7th & 8th Grade):

Explores the development of technology and how it is changing our world. Students learn to use "tools of our time", including computers, shop tools and equipment, transportation systems, production equipment, robots, wind tunnels and many other exciting high-tech items. They explore the topics of invention, design, manufacturing, Lego robotics, transportation, communication, and work on a different project related to the topic of study.  

Robotics Engineering (8th Grade):

Robotics Engineering 1 is a semester long class designed to introduce the basics of robotics as it teaches science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM). Students will learn how to use information from sensors, applied mathematics and measurement to program their robot to perform in a series of environments. They will have the opportunity to complete multiple investigations involving guided research, problem solving, working in teams and documenting what they've learned as they investigate how robots make decisions to navigate their environment.  As students become familiar with the programming and the NXT hardware, they may progress at their own pace allowing for differentiation in student abilities and learning styles. Interactive, hands-on learning is the structure of this class.  This course is a pre-cursor to the high school robotics program and a part of the K-12 robotics articulation.

Woods Crafts (8th Grade):

Woods Crafts is a hands-on course designed for students to learn the processes and skills to produce quality wood projects.  Students will learn measurement, basic joinery, project layout, materials calculation, hand and power tools, basic lamp wiring, construction and finishing techniques. Projects may include a lamp, table, shelving unit, carving project, basic box, bird houses stool, and a lathe project.  Creative use of project design and materials is stressed.  An emphasis is put on critical thinking, problem solving and quality of work. Safe and proper use of equipment will be integrated in the course.

3D Modeling & Design (7th & 8th Grade):

3D Modeling and Design allows students to learn how the design process works through engineering and design activities. Drafting, both manual and computer-aided, will be examined in this course. With the use of the fabrication lab, the learner will design and build projects. We will experiment with aerodynamics while designing balsa wood race cars, and calculate their distance and velocity. By learning how to use the Solidworks program, students will produce plastic models using a state of the art three dimensional printer.

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