Social Studies

Social Studies 6:

Sixth Grade Geography is a study of the patterns and interactions of countries in the Western Hemisphere.  Students will determine information about people, places  and environment through the use and construction of geography tools.  From an understanding of the physical and human characteristics of places students will study the effects of the interaction between human and physical systems.  With an emphasis on resource distribution and use  students will determine how economic, political, cultural, and social processes interact to shape patterns of human populations  interdependence  cooperation  and conflict.  The 21st century skills of critical thinking  problem solving  communication  collaboration  and cross-cultural understanding will be emphasized throughout the course.

Social Studies 7:

Teaches students how to organize and to analyze information about several world cultures. Content emphasizes both physical geography skills and knowledge of the cultural components of each area studied. Specific cultures from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America will be investigated.

Social Studies 8:

This course is an overview of United States History with a strong emphasis on civics  economics and civil rights. The 4 major focus areas include Exploration and settlement  Development of Constitutional America  The Expanding Nation - economic growth and development of the U.S. and U.S. come of Age in the 20th Century.