Anne Foster

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Hello Webber Panthers! This is my 11th year as the Media Tech II here at Webber - over a decade of fun! My Mom was a teacher/librarian, so I pretty much grew up in a library.  I spent 10 years volunteering in school libraries before getting my DREAM JOB here at Webber. I have my Bachelor's degree in Psychology & Human Resources Management from Long Beach State in California. 

I strive to make the LMC feel welcome to ALL students and staff. I try to help my readers find 'just the right book' for them, and love hearing what they think of a book they read. I'm excited about new technologies in the library and how they can help & challenge our students and community. I'm excited about our Maker Space and ALL the activities that we have in it. The Webber LMC is a fabulous place - stop by anytime and check it out!

I love being with my family. My husband works for CSU Ventures (Go Rams!) and referees a lot of soccer. Our daughter and son both attended Johnson, Webber and Rocky. Our daughter is a Senior at UNC Greeley studying elementary education and works as an instructional para at Bamford Elementary. She hopes to be a PSD teacher one day! Our son is currently in aviation school through United Airlines' Aviate Academy in Goodyear, Arizona and has had his private pilot's license since he was 17. Someday, you might fly United Airlines and have him as your pilot!

When I'm not reading, I enjoy digital scrapbooking, baking, and spending too much time on Pinterest. 

Here's to another fabulous year at Webber - let's go, Panthers!

What are your favorite hobbies or interests outside of school?

Besides reading and technology? I love digital scrapbooking, baking, knitting, walking, and spending WAY too much time on Pinterest. 

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