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 I have been teaching at Webber for 21 years now and love it.   I am all about helping students discover the fun in science and how making observations, asking questions, creating labs and collaborating with others makes them great scientists  and citizens.  For 8 years, Willow, Webber's Therapy dog, has been by my side helping to lower stress and anxiety in the classroom.   Willow  is my 8 year old Bernese Mountain Dog/Mix and she brings joy and extra love to students and staff who need it.  She is certified as a Alliance of Therapy Dog worker and is tested yearly. 

What I love the most about teaching are the students.



What is your education background and experience?

Education:   In 1992, I graduated  from Ohio State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Science focusing on Allied Medicine in Respiratory Therapy.   I spent 10 years working as a Respiratory Therapist at The Cleveland Clinic's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.   I  also instructed Lakeland Community College students during their intensive care rotations at the clinic.   I received  my  Masters Degree  in teaching and leadership from Colorado State University in 2022.   

What are your favorite hobbies or interests outside of school?

Outside of school, I enjoy being active outside, either walking, hiking, paddleboarding with friends or spending time with family are some things I enjoy doing.    The water is where I find a lot of joy. I also love art and creating new things.

Courses Taught

In the last 21 years I have taught Biology, Math, 6th, 7th and 8th grade science, underwater robotics and science adventures .  In 2023, I will be stepping down from the Science Department Head role but will continue with the chemical coordinator role, coaching, Alliance of Therapy Dog Handler and Joy Committee. 

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