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I'm a graduate of Kansas Sate University with a BS in Elementary Education.  I taught middle school science for 3 years in Kansas City (go Chiefs).  I also taught 4th grade and 6th grade at Saint Joseph School in Fort Collins.  I've been at Webber since January 2010.

I love having kids enjoy coming to my class even thought they may not like math!!!  I wear a different fun tie every day and do my best to try to win all of our spirit day contests!!  My jokes are the best (why did the math teacher work the problem out on the window???  Because he wanted to answer to be "clear")!!!

I enjoy playing the sports I coach/have coached at Webber:  softball, basketball, and golf!

At Webber, I teach 6th grade math and "Brain Builders" - an elective for 7th and 8th graders covering how to play chess, Sudoku, and other fun and challenging games that make you think.

My classroom and teaching style has been described as strict but fun!  

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