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Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

My name is Patrick Kind and I am the Athletic Director for Webber Middle School. I wanted to welcome you to middle school and share a few bits of information about athletics. Some of the registration process has changed this year and we wanted to help provide some information to help with this new process. I have also included some information for our sixth grade families as they are new to the Panther Family. I hope you find this information useful but if you need any help please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Schmieden or myself.

Webber is very fortunate to have a very robust athletic program. Our teams are very competitive and have also been recognized for outstanding sportsmanship displayed by our athletes. During the sixth grade school year  boys and girls can participate in three sports and I would highly encourage them to get involved and participate. It’s a great way to meet students and staff plus you get the added benefit of physical exercise! But before you can participate in sports please make sure that your child has a current physical on file with the school, and all athletic fees have been paid. Athletic fees can be paid via school pay (see the link below).  In the fall, sixth graders can participate in cross country. Marc Long is the head coach and he can be reached at  (mlong@psdschools.org) if you have any questions. The other two sports that sixth graders can participate in during the school year are during the spring and they are track, and boys and girls golf.

To complete the registration process please read below:

All middle school students participating in PSD Athletics must complete the https://www.psdathletics.org/msreg. You now must register your child for sports online using

Keep in mind that online registration still requires families to submit a hard copy of the physical form, complete with a doctor signature. The physical is valid for 365 days  and expires one year from the original date of completion. It is recommended that  you begin to think about making appointments for your yearly physical exam as soon as possible. Athletic registration also includes  a fee of $105.00 (per student, per sport). Payments can be made via https://psdschools.schoolpay.com./ or with a check payable to Webber Middle School. The registration process and payment of $105.00 must be complete prior to the first official practice/tryout or students will not be allowed to participate.

We have a variety of sports to offer at Webber. 

Fall:       Cross Country 8/22/18-10/5/18                Football 8/22/18-10/20/18          Tennis 8/22/18-10/4/18      Volleyball 8/22/18-10/13/18

Winter:   Boys Basketball 10/2218-12/13/18          Girls Basketball 1/8/19-3/719     Wrestling 1/14/19-3/2/19

Spring:   Softball 3/4/19-4/27/19                             Golf 3/25/19-5/10/19                  Track 4/8/19-5/12/19

If you still have questions please contact Ms. Schmieden (kschmied@psdschools.org)  or myself (pkind@psdschools.org)

Go Panthers!

Mr. Kind

PSD has a new athletics page for all parents to fill out registration forms online.  This will be required for every sport beginning the 2018-2019 school year.  All students will still need to turn in a paper copy of a Dr's physical to the front office.  

Please visit this link for the Track & Field website. Click here for the Track & Field handbook.