Clubs at Webber

FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)


To promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, members develop skills for life through–

  • Character development
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Practical knowledge and
  • Career preparation


  • FCCLA is the only in-school student organization with the family as its central focus
  • FCCLA is a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) that functions as an integral part of the family and consumer sciences education curriculum and operates within the school system

For more information, contact Mrs. Broste at: ebroste@psdschools.org

Deutschklub (German Club) 

Deutschklub (German Club) is for any and all students who are passionate about the German language and culture!  You do not have to be taking German to be in the club.

Activities will include:

  • learning some German
  • exploring the arts: painting, literature, film, music, etc.
  • participating in holiday celebrations
  • cooking
  • discussions of German history
  • learning about current events in the German speaking world
  • Exploring language learning techniques, tools and technology
  • Games

 We will be meeting from 2:45-3:45  in my D-16 classroom, right near the front office (specific day of the week TBD)

For more information, contact Ms. Galbavy at: fgalbavy@psdschools.org

​Math Counts

Math Counts consists of working on challenging, fun math problems AND participating in a math competition against other schools later in the year. The club’s first meeting is Monday, September 30th. We will meet every Monday from 3:00-4:00 in Mrs. Taloumis' room (C05).  All grades are welcome!  Be there, or be "x squared"!

For more information contact Mrs. Taloumis at rtaloumis@psdschools.org.


WAVE is Webber Aerospace Ventures in Education. WAVE is Webber’s oldest-running club dating back to the first Mission in 1992. Modelled on NASA, student participants prepare for and complete a simulated space mission each Semester. Students will have an opportunity to join a number of Teams specializing in Life, Water, Geology, Journalism, Systems Engineering, Hospitality and Security, Satellite Engineering, and other fields. This club is almost entirely student-run, and supported by a strong alumni network. All Webber Panthers are welcome to join, and there is always a team which fits the interests of the student.

Students who sign up for the first time do so at the “Mission Specialist” level. There are no interviews or applications required. Once a student has completed one Mission, they become eligible for positions of greater leadership. Leadership positions, including Team Commander, Team Project Manager, Astronaut, Flight Director and Mission Director, are “unlocked” based on numbers of Missions completed and at which position. All students applying for a Project Manager, Astronaut or Director position, will need to sign up for an interview. An interview schedule will be set at an initial informational meeting at the beginning of each semester. If a student misses the initial sign up and is interested in becoming part of the WAVE Leadership Team, they should see Mr. Schroeder. Students may combine after-school activities such as Sports and Academic clubs and still participate in Wave

WAVE meets every Tuesday from 2:55-4:00 in the Tech Room (E01). There is a $40 fee associated with participation. 


For more information contact Mr. Schroeder: geoffs@psdschools.org

Science Bowl 

Science Bowl is a team competition in which students pit their knowledge of Earth and Space Science, Life Science, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics against other schools in the region in a trivia style competition.  High placement at the regional tournament qualify teams for the national tournament in Washington, D.C.

We meet in  Mr. Petersen’s room, C11 on Tuesdays starting October 11th. Our First meeting will be from 3:00 to 3:30, all other practices will be from 2:50 – 4:00. Students are welcome and encouraged to do both.

For more information about the bowl visit https://sites.google.com/psdschools.org/wmssb or email Mr. Petersen: bpeterse@psdschools.org

Science Olympiad  

Science Olympiad is a team competition that consists of 23 events ranging across all science and engineering categories.

Each team consists of 15 students and they will compete in 3-5 events, of their choosing. 

Students compete at the Regional and hopefully State level in March and April.  

For more information about the Science Olympiad visit: soinc.org or coloradoscienceolympiad.org

Contact Erin Easterlund for more information about WEBBER Science Olympiad: eeasterl@psdschools.org

Solar Car Competition Club

What:  In this club, students work in small teams to design and engineer a car powered by a solar panel or lithium-ion battery.  Students tinker with their design at build sessions then compete in a regional event in the spring. Vehicles must go straight and fast down a 20-meter long neoprene raceway. Prizes exist for the fastest and most innovative designs. Winning competitors at regionals get to move on to the NREL sponsored state competition. All are welcome-no previous experience required!

Where:  Room C13

When: January-May (Select Wednesdays after school TBA and remote work at home)

Sponsors: Tricia Kearns  tkearns@psdschools.org (Webber Science)  Coach Greg Over (Fort Collins Utilities)

For More Information

Dungeons & Dragons and Tabletop Games (approval pending)

What:  This is a student-initiated club. In this club we will meet after school to learn about Dungeons and Dragons, it's history, how to make character sheets, play in a campaign and develop skills to become a Dungeon Master.  We are also open to playing other role-playing tabletop games for interested students. All students and staff are welcome to attend. Parents with DnD experience are encouraged to sign-up to volunteer with PSD at Webber. Dungeon Master experience to facilitate and run multiple campaigns is always appreciated. We will start beginners with the first edition and level 1 characters whenever possible. 

Where: 1st Semester Room C13 with Mrs. Kearns

2nd Semester Room D04 with Mr. Bono

When: TBA-Starting the end of September 

Stay informed and join on GoogleClassroom: class code: i34l687

GSA - Gay Straight Alliance Club

This student led club meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Library Media Center. Student leaders and members drive content and conversation. Every student is welcome here! Meetings are from 3 - 3:45.

For more information contact sponsor Mrs. Schachet lschache@psdschools.org