Christopher Gillis

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Educated as an Industrial Engineer, worked 16 years in corporate world; served 24 years in the United States Air Force; earned teaching certificate / degree in math.  Taught Technology Education for 6 years before moving to mathematics.  This is my ninth year teaching math.

What I love about teaching is seeing the reactions in students "when they get it", even if its a small problem, or success on a quiz or test, especially when that student has struggled in math.  I enjoy finding out what student interests are and what makes them who they are.

I Coach both Girls & Boys Basketball here at Webber, as well as Track & Field, and Cross Country. 

The classes I've taught are Technology Education, 8th Grade Math, 6th Grade Math, and Navigator Math.

My classroom has a host of math information and references, especially math words.  It is set up to foster student differentiation and help them to help themselves get better at math.