Physical Education

Physical Education (6th Grade):

This semester long physical activity course is designed around developing physical fitness, wellness, and cooperative and competitive skills. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of team and individual games and sports promoting lifetime fitness. There is a strong focus on skill development and safe participation during physical activities such as soccer, volleyball, flag football, basketball, softball, racquet skills, aerobics, fitness testing, bike safety, track and field, and dance. ***

Physical Education (7th Grade):

A semester long course where students are reintroduced to a variety of activities with a focus on skill development, teamwork, sportsmanship and pursuing preferences for life-long fitness. The variety of core activities include soccer, volleyball, flag football, basketball, softball, racquet skills, aerobics, fitness testing, track and field, and dance. Skills will be developed through fitness activities, drills, lead-up games, and game play. ***

Physical Education (8th Grade):

A semester course with activities and content changes according to appropriateness of activities in Fall (1st semester) and Spring (2nd semester). Physical activities are similar to seventh grade, but motor skills are further refined and new lead-up activities are offered as it fits the eighth-grade student.

Advanced Physical Education 8, Team Sports Emphasis:

This course of varied physical activities is offered as an elective in the junior high system. The class could be combined 8th grade  coed course. It is offered as a continuation and advancement of motor-Skill learning and acquisition of knowledge of numerous activities.

Physical Fitness (8th grade) Emphasis on the 5 components of physical fitness:

This class will provide the opportunity to explore the benefits of physical activity such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to include weightlifting, body weight exercises, aerobics, the use of cycling, rowing, and elliptical machines, punching bag and jump rope.  We will wall climb, rope climb, and sample military style fitness tests.  An appreciation of physical fitness and wellness incorporates body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular and cardio-respiratory endurance to encourage a positive attitude toward exercise. 

Physical Education – Yoga (8th Grade):

Yoga and mindfulness techniques are some of the best research-based ways to manage stress and promote balanced health for the whole person. Students will be introduced to fun and engaging yoga postures, which develop strength, balance, flexibility, and overall body awareness. They will also learn how stress affects the body as well as mindful awareness techniques for stress and anxiety management, such as guided imagery, positive self-talk, and progressive muscle relaxation. Safety and self-respect are stressed throughout the class.

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