Skye Marsh

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I began teaching immediately after high school, working with 3 and 4 year olds while I finished my Associate's degree in my hometown of Fort Scott, KS.  Since then, I have worked with children of all ages at every opportunity available.  While finishing my first degree, I tutored English language learning students.  My first degree focused on elementary education and I taught 5th grade right out of college.  After staying home with my daughters for a few years, I returned to CSU to pursue a Master's Degree in English and gain my secondary teaching license.  Since then, I have taught at the middle school level and have worked with 6th, 7th, and 8th grades teaching English, Drama, Creative Writing, Writing Intervention, and English as a Second Language.

What I love most about teaching is THE STUDENTS!  While I absolutely adore my subject, the students are the most vibrant, engaging, exciting part of this career.  I love getting to know all about their unique personalities and interests and watching them grow as people and students over the years.  

Outside of school, my family takes up the majority of my "free" time.  My husband and I are both teachers, so we often spend evenings together planning and grading.  Our three lovely daughters keep us quite active with their various musical and athletic interests. As a family, we spend time biking, hiking, visiting the farmer's market and going to museums.  I love to garden and get my hands in the dirt as often as possible!  We grow fruits, vegetables, and wildflowers. 

I've taught English 6, Honors English 6, and Civic Responsibilit