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Although I grew up in rural northwestern Montana and got my K-12 education there, my post-secondary experience began in the suburbs of New Jersey. I earned my AS in Music with highest honors from Mercer County Community College.  After graduation, I transferred to Wellesley College in MA and earned my BA in Music and German Studies with honors in 2003.  After my daughter started school and we had moved to Fort Collins, CO, I earned my Masters in Education from Colorado State University in 2011.   

But my first passion has always been the sciences.  I got hooked as a young child while listening to my father (an ex-science teacher) talk about atoms, molecules, body systems, etc. That inspired me to pursue my Colorado Endorsement to teach 7-12 Science. Then in 2020, l made the decision to teach 7-12 Science here at Webber.

I am a life-long learner. I practice yoga, run, garden, hike,  explore the skies with my 10" telescope, cook, and read all with equal enthusiasm. I never stop asking questions and exploring the world around me. 

The classes I'll be teaching this year are Science 7 & Space Science and Astronomy

I have taught a wide variety of subjects throughout the years, but in each class, we are a community.  Each student is valued and each voice is heard.  We are governed by mutual respect and everyone (including me) is held to the standards of the 6 P's: Prompt, Prepared, Polite, Produce, Participate, and PMA. In my classroom we laugh and our mistakes lead us closer.  There is diversity, and we realize that our experiences educate us as well as our books

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