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I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Science emphasis in K-12 Physical Education from Fort Lewis College in Durango. In 2013 I completed my Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning through Nova Southeastern University. I began teaching in Poudre School District in 2007 and I have been teaching PE and health at Webber since 2008. 

One of the things I love most about teaching is that every day is new and different. Students are always saying and doing things that keep me on my toes…in a good way! I also love when a student experiences success for the first time in a new activity. “Mrs. Laaveg I got it!” or “I did it!” are music to my ears in PE.

My favorite thing to do outside of school is spend time with my family.  I am married with two kids and we are always on the go! We love to take our dog for walks, play at the park, ride bikes, swim, read and spend time with our extended family and friends. When I have some time to myself I love to do anything active – ski, golf, run or go for a bike ride. If I am feeling more low-key I enjoy a good book or movie.

The classes I've taught include Physical Education 8, Physical Education 7, Physical Education 6, Health, and Yoga

I want my classroom to be a place where students can try a variety of activities in a positive and safe environment. Whether we are playing a team or individual sport or doing a new fitness activity I want students to feel comfortable to give it a try! Hopefully all students will try something that they will want to pursue for a lifetime to maintain their health and fitness.

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