Geoffrey Schroeder

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BA: English MA: ED: Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity; ELA Instructor certified 15th year at Webber, 18 years overall.

What's not to love about teaching? I have the best job in the world. Each and every day I am privileged to bring experiential learning to my students.  In my classes, we use both our brains and our hands to bring ideas into the world as objects. Whether we are working with video editing software, sculpting wood with hand tools, or gently coaxing a seed out of the ground, the best part of my day is seeing all of my students find success in their daily labors. Each and every student can find their own meaning of success in my classes. There are no limits or restrictions on this.

Everything our beautiful state has to offer: hiking the 14ers with my wife, backpacking with my daughters, cooking as a family, skiing, hunting, fishing...and homemade pizza on Friday nights.

I've taught Introduction to Technology, Exploring Technology, Applied Technology, Green Cl ass, 21st Century Media, 3D Modeling and Design

Fundamentally, we are all makers in one way or another.  my goal is to make sure that every student who comes to my classroom realizes that they have the power to imagine, green, and create objects, virtually from scratch. Whether this is the product of many hours spent working with hand tools or virtually designing and using a 3-D printer to create a prototype, Webber  students should know that they have the power to bring new and beautiful objects to life.