Street Address: 4201 Seneca St | Fort Collins, CO 80526

Main: 970-488-7800

Attendance: 970-490-3089

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Street Address: 4201 Seneca St | Fort Collins, CO 80526

Main: 970-488-7800

Attendance: 970-490-3089

Main Fax/Counseling Fax: 970-488-7811/7818

Extended Learning Opportunities

6th Grade students not participating in Band or Orchestra will take 4 quarters of the following ELO:

This four-quarter enrichment program includes all of the following:
• Sports and games -From volleyball to dodgeball, and putt-putt golf to Uno, this class focuses on wellness with mental and physical activities.
• Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover! -Different than just a “book club”, this class will give you time to explore your favorite books, stories, and poems in unique ways, making creative art projects, skits, and more.
• Know Thyself -Learn about yourself and build self-awareness through activities, projects and speakers.
• Animal Science -Introduces students to the Kingdom of Animalia. Students may learn about various topics including animal classification, tracks and scat, threatened and endangered species, animal behavior and systems including virtual and real dissection opportunities.

7th & 8th Grade ELO offerings:


The chief objective of Anthropology is to increase the students’ awareness of and appreciation for the rich diversity of human behavior and beliefs. The course examines the physical and cultural origins and development of the human species taking us back in time some three million years. Students will investigate the techniques and evidence used to formulate theories about prehistoric and modern people who possess lifestyles dramatically different from our own. Anthropology is taught from an evolutionary perspective. With a special emphasis on Archaeology, students will participate in a Field School dig on campus.

Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasts:

Star in, write and produce the new Webber Report blog, vlog and podcast. Learn how to record, edit and mix video and sound. Segments will include: Webber Sports Update; This Panther Life, stories about life as a Webber student; Top 5, the top 5 songs for a specific theme; and anything else we think of that is fun or informative.

Book Club:

For those who love books, love to read books, and want to talk about books. The group will vote on books to read, prepare reflective writing, and discuss the books. Students will be expected to read daily, either the book club selection or their own personal book choice.

Brain Builders:

This course provides students with complete understanding of the intricacies, aesthetics, and cultural elements of the world of “gaming” through critical play, analysis, and discussions. A variety of game formats will be considered in the course, including board games and card games. The main focus will be on historical and economic games which reinforce social studies and mathematic standards. ***

Creative Writing:

Designed to help students improve their ability to express themselves through imaginative use of the language. Students focus on improving their sense of observation in narrative and descriptive writing by creating their own original short stories and poems.

Entrepreneurs featuring Otterbox:

This is your opportunity to learn the skills and habits it takes to start your own business. We will choose a problem or issue facing our community and students will develop ideas to creatively solve/address that problem or issue. Students will then pitch their idea and the class will choose one idea to pursue. We will partner with Otterbox to try to make the solution a reality. Through this process, students will learn how to use their creativity to solve problems, plan and budget for a business, and confidently and successfully pitch their ideas to potential funders.

Environmental Education - The Green Class:

Centered on making a positive difference in ourselves and our Webber community. The purpose is to take time each day to think about ourselves and how we can make Webber a greener, more environmentally friendly place. Explores how our own personal choices affect our immediate community and how we can take positive steps each day. Students will have the knowledge and skills to go out into their own world and become leaders for change. Focus will be centered on redirecting Webber’s organic waste stream by utilizing Vermiculture (worm-based composting) and hot composting. This course explores aspects of proper nutrition and the role of exercise and active consumerism as a basis of a healthy lifestyle.

Geographic Information Systems - Geo Caching:

This is an introduction to GIS, a technology-based class. In it, we will be utilizing technology for mapping, geo caching, and other geography-based applications. Girls in Science: Girls will explore challenging problems in the world and help find solutions through science. GIS will reinforce the student’s ability to collect and interpret data, draw conclusions, and practice important science skills. GIS focuses on asking questions and solving problems. We will work with animals and explore topics in anatomy, genetics, DNA, and other student interests.

History of Rock and Roll:

An introduction to the evolution of rock styles, contributions of important performers, and musical techniques involved in the creation and performance of rock music. Students will be introduced to the history of rock and roll music through current music influences, as it evolved in the United States and spread throughout the world.

Intro to Coding:

In this course, you will learn the concepts of the JavaScript programming language and the cool functions you can use with it in the ProcessingJS library. You will learn how to use these concepts to create stories, drawings, games and animations. Other sites used include Scratch and Hour of Code.

Intro to Electronics:

In this class, we will explore how electronics work. After learning the basics of electricity and electrical circuits, we will explore how to build and program electronics to carry out basic tasks. Students will build circuits with Arduino microcontrollers and work to customize code to accomplish various tasks.

Integrated PE:

This course is designed to allow eighth grade students to become teaching assistants in adapted physical education. Eighth graders will be assisting students with physical and/or mental disabilities to participate in modified physical education activities. These students will be matched up either one to one or in small groups depending on student needs.

Jr. Forensics (Speech & Debate):

A first semester only class designed to prepare students to compete in Webber’s Junior Forensics Team. Students will be introduced to all areas of Junior Forensics competition including debate, interpretive drama, humor, poetry and impromptu events. The National Honor Society sponsors Junior Forensics, and students who choose to compete will travel to monthly tournaments and will have the opportunity to gain points which can be transferred with them as they continue at the high school level.

Learn to Knit for Others:

Designed to teach students how to knit and do a service learning project all in one! Students will learn the basics of knitting: casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch, and casting off. After becoming proficient with these skills, students will make knitted items to donate to local families in need. If you have previous knitting experience and want to move beyond the basics, you will have the opportunity to learn new knitting techniques in this class. There is a fee required for this class.

Military History and Technology:

This class will encompass the following: military customs and courtesies and tactics, world and US military history timelines, National Guard versus active duty, military leaders and other significant individuals, significant military campaigns and events, military careers and opportunities, and military technology (timelines and reasons why technology is used). If possible, a field trip to CSU for the ROTC program or to Warren AFB in Cheyenne may be appropriate. Projects may include research of periods, battles, leaders, and significant events, followed by presentations or role playing. We will make connections to cultures, impacts on families, communities, and individuals. We will also explore why and when military is used, what is right or wrong about those choices.

Panther PRIDE – Self Defense:

This class is designed to build self-confidence and awareness, respect, and character all through martial arts and self-defense. Expect to work and train your mind and body in a disciplined environment with an instructor who has 20 years of experience and a 2nd -degree black-belt.

Science Olympiad:

This is a science elective class. The course is modeled after the nationally recognized Science Olympiad competition. This course will allow students to explore all areas of science. Sample topics may include: astronomy, crime solving, trajectory, egg drop, and orienteering.

Sports Analytics:

Sports are all about stats. Learn how coaches, GMs and journalists analyze data and make decisions about which players to play and how to plan for an opponent. We will review key statistics in all the major sports (baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey). We will focus on the NFL. Each week we will look match-ups and make predictions for which teams and players will perform the best. After the games are played, we will analyze what happened and reassess our rankings.

Sports and Sports Reading:

Uses the medium of sports to engage students in reading and writing activities. The students will concentrate on improving their reading and writing skills using a variety of materials including newspapers and magazines, short stories, novels and biographies. Students also learn about the history of sports, careers in sports, and the impact of sports on society. Some physical activity is also incorporated into this class.

Study Hall:

In support of student success, study hall will provide class work time; planner checks; grade checks; assistance with work; reading for assignments; and retaking tests or redoing assignments. We will have limited space in study hall. If you are selected into a study hall, you are expected to work on homework in a quiet and respectful manner. Teachers have the discretion to remove students from study hall who are not using their time effectively. Required application is available on the Webber Middle School website or in the counseling office.

Select Choir “Velocity”:

Participation requires high-level performance skills. The choir performs a variety of significant choral literature representing several stylistic periods. This advanced group performs concerts in the school and community. Students must be concurrently enrolled in Concert Choir or have completed Concert Choir and concurrently enrolled in Musical Theater Production. Placement is based on an audition, and attendance at school concerts is required as part of student’s grade.  

World Cultures:

Explores the five themes of geography (location, place, human environment interaction, movement, and region). Students will be involved in an in-depth study of the background of major historic and artistic sites, basic economics, geography, language, foods, music, traditions, religions and current events of countries students want to visit or to be visited on a spring and/or summer trip.


This yearlong course covers all phases of yearbook production. Students learn to design layouts, write copy, organize materials, select photographs, and function as a cooperative member of a publications staff. Required application is available on the Webber Middle School website or in the counseling office.