Computer Education

Web 2.0 Technology (6th Grade):

Focuses on the safe and responsible use of Web 2.0 technology for productivity and

communication. Tools covered in this class include Online Database Research, Game Programming and Coding, online collaboration, and Internet Safety.

Web Design/Computer Animation (7th & 8th Grade):

Have fun publishing for the web while learning techniques in image editing, design, animation, HTML programming, and web design.  This course will incorporate 21st century skills while working collaboratively to design and create innovative digital works.  Careers and life-long learning opportunities will be explored.

Game Programming Digital Technology (7th & 8th Grade):

Take your knowledge of computers and programming to the next level with this course. Digital citizenship, multimedia and presentation, research, data collection and analysis, information literacy, online research, and computational thinking will be explored through creative projects. Computational thinking and logical problem solving are a focus throughout the course.

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