WEB Leaders

Where Everyone Belongs

WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) is a national program to help with student transition into middle and high school. Webber's WEB leaders run our orientation program for 6th graders at the start of the school year. After, they spend one semester acting as student leaders for our school: planning school events like Webber Night Out and spirit days, performing outreach to make Webber a better place, and teaching lessons in 6th grade classrooms. This program celebrates Webber's best student leaders.

Web Leaders are teacher recommended 8th grade students that assist the school in establishing a foundation for all the students to feel like they belong. They encourage fellow students through a variety of Locker Tags and show school spirit all throughout the year! They work to plan the Webber Night Outs, Spirit Days, the Talent Show and so much more!  This includes the unique program of Give Next, where the class gets to giveaway 5000 dollars to one or more nonprofits, teaching fundamental aspects to philanthropy. They also are essential to helping the new sixth graders adapt to middle school, along with tours for the current fifth graders, so they will have a rudimentary knowledge of the school. They work hard everyday to try to make the school a better place!

Contact Mrs. O'Connor coconnor@psdschools.org or Mr. Jankow mjankow@psdschools.org  with any questions


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