Webber Middle School

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School Supply List

Supply List for Webber Middle School


6th Grade

***Please bring these items to the 6th grade check-in and put all of it in your locker***

3 ring Trapper Keeper 3” with pockets on inside, for all classes (as large as possible)

1 large soft sided pencil pouch which should contain:

1 calculator (does not have to be scientific)
Pencils - sharpened
1 personal hand held pencil sharpener
1 planner (will be provided by school)
1 pair of earbuds

End of Year Library/Media Reminders

A few reminders from the Library/Media Center:

● All library items (books, magazines & equipment) are due back Monday, May 14th

● All library fines/fees must be paid by the end of the year. You can pay fees in the LMC, or we can add them to your SchoolPay account.

● If you have lost your charger, please pay for a replacement charger before you leave for the summer.  Replacement cost: $31.99  

● May 18th: Laptop check for in 6th grade during English class

● May 21st: Laptop check for in 7th grade during English class


Report bullying and safety concerns ANONYMOUSLY at Safe2Tell

​Students use Safe2Tell to report: bullying, stealing, threats, fights, drugs, alcohol, weapons or any other types of violent or dangerous situations that threaten their safety or the safety of others for the purpose of prevention and intervention.  The purpose of Safe2Tell is to help keep students safe and healthy.


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