Say hello to Xello! 

Xello is an engaging online program that helps students build the skills, knowledge and plans to  be future ready. The program uses an investigative, discovery-based learning process. Students  better understand themselves, their future career options, and the 21st century skills they’ll need to  succeed. 

Here’s how it works...

The Student Experience with Xello 

With Xello, students will: 

             Build Self-knowledge 

 Define their interests, skills, preferences, and aspirations so they can explore the  opportunities right for them. 

Explore Options 

Learn about career possibilities and educational pathways by exploring rich, engaging  content and lessons. 

Create a Plan 

Your child can create dynamic actionable plans that outline the steps needed to achieve  school, career, and life goals. 

Learn & Reassess 

Interactive lessons help your child develop age appropriate skills and knowledge for  success in school and beyond. 

Parent Involvement 

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to explore Xello with their child by logging in together. Students can log in to  his or her account via desktop or mobile device to share what they’ve learned about themselves,  the world of work, and their future options. 

Safe and Secure Environment 

We take data protection and privacy very seriously. So does Xello. The program complies with  legal requirements for safety and security outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy  Act (FERPA). That means advertising is not displayed within Xello, nor is data used for commercial  purposes. Xello is also a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, requiring them to uphold strict  standards for safeguarding student privacy regarding the collection, maintenance, and use of  student personal information. 

You can learn more about Xello and the student experience by visiting the portal the the left under Resources

We hope you’re just as excited as we are about this new program and making every student future ready!

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