School Choice information

school choice

Some things have changed!

  • We have a new platform to submit school choice applications. 
  • The timeline for first-round is now Nov. 1 - Dec.15.
  • Parent/legal guardian now has five business days to respond to a seat offer and can be notified not only by email but also by phone and/or text.
  • Seat offers not responded to within five business days are marked as declined.
    • If a seat is declined, the student is removed from the waitlist and will not be offered a seat again. 
    • More information will be provided about the seat offer process as we continue the implementation process with our new platform.
  • If a student with a sibling is offered a seat and accepts it, the sibling(s) still on the waitlist will change to be a sibling priority ranking (#2 or #6).
  • The system no longer allows applications to be renewed in order to keep current waitlist placement.

Please follow this link to find out even more!