Gifted and Talented


Webber Middle School’s gifted and talented program, #GrowServeInspire supports and challenges students to learn and grow to their highest, unique potential.  Grounded in a whole child approach, we offer learning opportunities that encourage exploration in areas of interest, foster critical and creative thinking skills, develop intellectual curiosity, promote academic achievement, and provide relevant learning experiences while creating a responsive climate for gifted and talented learners. Gifted and talented students benefit from being part of our caring, motivated, involved community. 


Students enrolled in #GrowServeInspire participate in a scaffolded program with layered opportunities for academic, social, and emotional enrichment:

6th graders participate in homogeneous Honors English and/or accelerated Math classes in their area(s) of identification utilizing standards-based rubrics to self-evaluate their growth in specific content skills.  They may also elect to sign up for various academic & social-emotional learning "pop up" groups occurring throughout the year.

7th graders follow the same accelerated academic pathway and engage service learning projects that complement their areas of identification.

8th graders also participate in an accelerated and Honors pathway and design an independent project supported by a mentor and shared at a showcase at the end of the year.

Gifted & Talented Field Trip

Are you interested in attending the G&T field trip for this year? We can't wait to share what we have planned, stay tuned!