Visual Arts

Art Activity and Appreciation (6th Grade):

Art appreciation and history are correlated with studio art which emphasizes the elements of art (line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space) and the principles of design (balance, movement, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, pattern, unity).

Art 1 (7th & 8th Grade):

Develops the elements of art and principles of design. A wide variety of art activities are designed to increase the student's knowledge of art media, techniques, terminology, and appreciation of aesthetics and art styles. Critical thinking skills are emphasized as students do drawings, paintings, sculpture, and printmaking. There is a fee for this class.  ***

Art 2 (8th Grade):

Allows students to further develop their creative ideas and interests with more involved projects. A greater emphasis is placed on art aesthetics and critical evaluation.  Art elements and principles of design continue to be reinforced as students are introduced to new art concepts, art history, media, and techniques. Prerequisite: passing grade in Art 1. There is a fee for this class. ***     

Digital Photography 1 (7th & 8th Grade):

Instruction in the art of creating and manipulating digital images. Students will explore aspects of composition in capturing quality photographs based on elements of art and principles of design. A variety of software applications will be used to produce desired artistic effects. Graphic applications as well as career paths will also be studied. There is a fee for this class. ***

Pottery & Sculpture (7th & 8th Grade):

Students will be introduced to three-dimensional methods of creating art. Students will pursue individual interests in working with clay, glazes, and other sculptural media. The elements and principles of three-dimensional design will be studied as they apply to functional and non-functional works of art. There is a fee for this class. ***

Crafts 1 (8th Grade):

This course offers the student opportunities to design and create functional hand-crafted products which may include clay  wood  leather  plastics  beading  fibers  metal and printmaking. The history and culture of crafts is studied. . There is a fee for Crafts and students may pay additional project costs.