No Place For Hate student BINGO

NPFH choice board


The Webber No Place For Hate Student Committee has created a choice board for all students to participate in and have fun!

It isn't exactly BINGO, but the choice board will look familiar and the objective is the same - cross off squares, connect 4 in a row, win prizes!




  • Open Choice board 
  • Cross off squares as you complete them to try and get a Bingo.
  • Game begins today and ends April 30th.
  • Submit pictures, essays, findings, etc. on the linked Google Forms.
  • Bingo will be awarded with a No Place For Hate bracelet.
  • If the entire board is filled out the participants will be entered into a drawing for a gift card.

Questions? Contact Miriam Nestle  mnestle@psdschools.org  or Liz Broste  ebroste@psdschools.org