Elizabeth Kirk

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About My Classroom

I strive to make my classroom a place that is safe for exploration, creativity, individuality, and risk-taking. We learn early on that mistakes are okay and are an essential part of the learning process. As I always say, if you make a mistake, make it loud and proud! It is how we grow and improve. We explore many different genres of music in orchestra, including baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary, pop, jazz, bluegrass, and many genres of world and non-western musical traditions. Our focus is to grow and learn through hands-on application of our Colorado Content Standards. But beyond this, we focus on progress and excellence, not just as musicians, but also as individuals, as teammates, and as well-rounded citizens of a larger community. In Photography, we learn to see creatively, compose carefully, and edit with taste and skill. These creative disciplines will carry over into all areas of life that require innovation, risk-taking, and individual expression.

What is your education background and experience?

I received my BME in Music Education in 2009 at the University of Colorado at Boulder with an emphasis in string pedagogy, and completed my Master's of Music Education at the same institution in June of 2017. I began teaching middle school and high school orchestra in St. Vrain Valley in 2009 at Altona Middle School, Heritage Middle School, and Skyline High School. I joined the Webber team as orchestra teacher in 2010. Since coming to Webber, I’ve also taught several different classes including Beginning Band, History of Rock and Roll, and Intro to Drama. I now teach all of the orchestra classes at Webber grades 6-8 and Digital Photography. On the side, I own a professional photography business, play violin with the Longmont Symphony, and play for weddings with the Vail Valley String Quartet.


What are your favorite hobbies or interests outside of school?

I enjoy watching football (Go Broncos! Go Buffs!), and do timekeeping for most home Webber football games.  In my spare time, I like baking pastries, going camping, hiking 14ers, quilting, kayaking, and reading philosophy in a comfy chair at Starbucks.

What do you love most about teaching?

I love facilitating student growth. It's such a joy to watch students begin with little or no ability to play a musical instrument, or to take photos creatively and skillfully, and see them grow into accomplished young adults who are preparing for high school and beyond. Students daily inspire me with their fresh outlook on life and their energy, creativity, and honesty. They remind me what it means to be a lifelong learner and to have a little fun in the process! I am honored to have the privilege of working with them.


Courses Taught
  • Jazz Orchestra- 7th and 8th Grade

  • Symphonic Orchestra- 8th Grade

  • Concert Orchestra- 7th Grade

  • Beginning Orchestra- 6th Grade

  • Digital Photography- 7th and 8th Grade