April Stutters

Phone Number

7th Grade Counselor: I am originally from Pueblo and lived for 9 years in Atlanta.  This is my fifth year serving as a School Counselor at Webber, and my 15th year in PSD.    Prior to this position I served as a Mental Health and Prevention Specialist and worked in a variety of schools throughout the district, providing individual  group counseling and tobacco prevention programs for students.  

About My Classroom

It is my intention for my office  to be a welcoming place for both parents and students.   I keep a lot of toys and fidgets so that students can have something to do while they are talking to me.  I also have a lot of miniature toys and a big sand tray.  In addition, I share some technology with my co-workers that help students with stress reduction including The Muse (neurofeedback) HeartMath (biofeedback) and more.  

What is your education background and experience?

I have a Masters degree in Social Work from Georgia State University. I am also clinical child and adolescent therapist specializing in grief, trauma, and stress reduction.   I am also trained in EMDR (trauma therapy) and Sand Tray Play Therapy.  I also have a yoga teacher certificate. 

What are your favorite hobbies or interests outside of school?

I enjoy hiking, traveling, playing the ukulele, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, writing poetry, learning about history, reading, birding, live theater, art, and more.  

What do you love most about teaching?

What I like most about working with middle school kids is that they are at a time in their life where socializing and academics have become more complicated, and because of that they are learning so much.  They are also more open to advise and ideas than maybe older kids would be.  It is a great age group for a counselor.  It's wonderful to watch them grow into young adults, and I am honored that they often will share their struggles and dreams with me.  They also make me laugh.  Perhaps I'm still in touch with my inner middle school child.  

Courses Taught

I give classroom presentations on a variety of subjects including: bully prevention, career exploration, stress management and more.  

I have also taught sand tray play therapy courses to other counselors and therapists.