Sonja Hollingsworth

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I attended Concordia College for my Bachelor's Degree in Minnesota, obtaining degrees in both K-12 English Education and Speech Communication/Theater Arts.  Upon graduation, I spent a year teaching English in an impoverished high school in Reno, Nevada. From there I moved to Fort Collins, where I taught at Kruse Elementary School for one year and have since found my home at Webber for the past 17 years.  I also obtained a Master's Degree in Speech Communication/Rhetoric from Colorado State and then went on to complete my Ph.D. in Education/Human Resource Studies at CSU as well. In 2018 ventured back to school to broaden my education and graduated with an Ed.S. from the University of Northern Colorado in Educational Leadership and Administration.  Besides teaching in Reno and PSD, I have also worked at University of Nevada-Reno,  Front Range Community College, and serve as an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University. I am excited to be able to claim I have taught in every educational context from elementary to middle school to junior high to high school to community college to undergraduate to graduate level!

Teaching is co-creative, relationship-oriented, and purposeful.  It is exceptionally rewarding to build long-term relationships with students and their families and to work with like-minded colleagues who care about serving others.

I am passionate about fitness and teach multiple group fitness classes each week at Raintree Athletic Club.  My favorite formats include kickboxing, weight training, and core conditioning.  I also am an avid stand up paddle boarder; I have a goal to paddle off of 40 different domestic and international shores by my 40th birthday! Beyond this, international travel fuels my soul and makes me a more well-rounded educator.  I have been to Mexico 28 times and grown my love of the beach by traveling to 22 Caribbean nations and four Hawaiian islands. I have presented academic work on behalf of CSU/PSD in Belgium, Hungary, France, and Holland and also traveled throughout Europe and Asia visiting six additional European nations and five Asian nations.  I've ventured to South America twice and completed service trips to every country in Central America with other friends of mine who are also teachers.  Most relevant to my work at Webber,  I've led six international trips with students - a spring break trip to England/France, and five service trips to the countries/territories of Costa Rica, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Belize.  In the summer of 2018, I ventured to Singapore and Cambodia - a highlight of my travel portfolio!  #WebberTravels, #SeeTheWorld, #BeAGlobalCitizen

Current:    Honors English 7, G/T Program Director, MTSS Coordinator, Administrative substitute  Past at Webber:  Honors English 8, Pre-AP English 9, English 9, Pre-AP English 8, English 8, Yearbook, Health 7, Physical Education 7, Digital Photography, Creative Writing, Drama, Mass Media.

My philosophy of teaching and classroom is simple: we are part of a co-creative learning environment designed to encourage growth as both a learner and  person! I hope to be a teacher who facilitates creative and critical thinking, challenge, intellectual curiosity, high expectations, and space for expression of the self. I promote and demonstrate positivity, civility, involvement, and community.