Webber Middle School

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Technology Education

Intro to Technology:  Exciting and fast paced hands-on/minds-on course, students will explore areas of technology and engineering from Electronics to Rocketry. During each unit Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts will be integrated to provide the student with 21st century skills and help build technological literacy.  Students learn about the history of technology, shop tools and safety, the seven primary categories of technology, and work on different projects using shop tools & equipment.  This class will provide the foundation for additional Technology Education curriculum offered to seventh and eighth grade students.

Exploring Technology & Engineering Concepts: Explores the development of technology and how it is changing our world.  Students learn to use "tools of our time", including computers, shop tools and equipment, transportation systems, production equipment, robots, wind tunnels and many other exciting high-tech items.  They explore the topics of invention, design, manufacturing, Lego robotics, transportation, communication, and work on a different project related to the topic of study.  ***

Architecture & Building Technology: An introduction to the world of architecture and building construction.  Students learn to apply the basic concepts of architectural design. Students will explore architectural and building construction history, basic drafting in support of the home floor plan project, and the sequence and components of residential construction. ***

Applications in Technology & Engineering Concepts:  An opportunity for students to further their knowledge of technology.  It provides students with a chance to expand on information they have gained in previous classes in areas like manufacturing, Lego robotics, transportation, electronics and more.  Students will explore and construct projects using shop tools and equipment.  This class is important for students wishing to continue in the technology education program at the high school level. ***

Webber Aerospace Ventures in Education - WAVE:  An elective adventure offered to 7th and 8th graders in the technology lab.  Students investigate many key elements of space exploration through activities that use technology, science and math.  Provides a unique opportunity for students to plan and run a simulated shuttle mission; design, build and test their own rocket; explore space-related careers; study future trends in space travel; learn to "fly"; develop a space experiment; and more.