Webber Middle School

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Student laptops not connecting to home wi-fi

On a few occasions, students have had trouble accessing the internet from home on their PSD laptops. The student's laptop says that it is connected to a network and shows full bars for the home wireless, but the laptop still displays a connection error. What *should* happen is that a mobile login window should popup. This pop-up window asks students to enter their PSD username and password, which allows them to log in. However, this window occasionally dose NOT popup and students are unable to connect successfully. If this happens to you, please enter the following URL into your browser: http://cb.psdschools.org/mobile_login/login.htm This should force the mobile login window to popup. Students should enter their PSD username and password. This should successfully log them into the home wi-fi. It's also a good idea to bookmark the above URL in case it is needed in the future.