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Order your Colorado Western Slope peaches directly from the grower!  My name is Kirstan Morris, and I work at Boltz Middle School here in PSD—people in town call me The Peach Lady.  My in-laws are Colorado fruit growers--their Red Mountain Ranches peaches are awesome.  I have been selling RMR’s produce each fall for almost two decades to directly raise money for PSD students and teachers.  Buy some peaches to help raise money for the WEB Programs at both Boltz Middle School and Webber Middle School!  WEB, Where Everyone Belongs, is a middle school peer mentoring program that does amazing things to enhance anti-bullying efforts and to help students transition into middle school at both Boltz and Webber.  
Because RMR’s peaches all froze out this spring, the Morris family is pairing with the finest Palisade peach grower on the Western Slope—family-owned Noland Orchards—to make sure we continue to bring you the best CO peaches out there, even with the freeze at RMR.  Max and Bryan Noland have worked with our family in the fruit business for many, many years.  You will love Noland fruit—good people and fantastic CO peaches!
Pricing for peaches and other items: • 7-8 lb. open flat of freestone Palisade peaches ($23.00)—This flat holds exactly 18 peaches.   • 20 lb. box of freestone Palisade peaches ($39.00)—The box holds about 50-58 peaches. • 7-8 lb. open flat of tomatoes ($28.00)—This flat holds exactly 18 tomatoes. • 22-24 lb. box of tomatoes ($46.00) • 20 lb. box of pears ($35.00) • NEW! ---- 7-8 lb. MIXED open flat with 8 Palisade peaches, 5 tomatoes, and 5 pears ($25.00) • Bottle of RMR’s famous hand-pressed apple cider (1/2 gallon for $6.00 and one gallon for $8.00) *** Take a look on the ordering site for our full selection of items to buy!  We will have CO jams, jellies, syrups, pie fillings, and more on hand!
Ordering and payment info:  1. Go to the PSD Boltz Peach Fundraiser page on Facebook and click on the blue Shop Now button.   2. OR, if you are not on Facebook, go directly to the Wufoo ordering site at https://peachlady.wufoo.com/forms/2017-psd-boltz-peach-fundraiser/  . 3. OR, scan the QR code here on this sheet to go to the ordering site  4. You need to place your order for peaches by 9 PM, August 15th. 5. Pay for your fruit when you come pick it up.  Cash or check only.
Delivery: You need to come pick up your peaches here at Boltz Middle School (720 Boltz Drive, 80525) on Saturday, August 19th between 3:00-6:00 PM—NOTE THAT IT IS AN AFTERNOON PICK-UP THIS YEAR.  We wanted to allow people time to attend the Peach Festival in Old Town during the day and then come swing by afterwards to pick up their peaches from us.  Peach pick-up is on the Boltz front lawn.  If you order, you MUST come get your fruit—it’s perishable and we don’t want anything to go to waste.  Any fruit left at 6 PM can be sold to those on the wait list.
Contact: Feel free to email Kirstan Morris at kirstanmorris@gmail.com with any questions!  Her contact info is also on the Wufoo ordering website.
Something new at pick-up this year!  Come see! We will be selling RMR’s famous Apple Cider Slushies  at  at peach pick-up at Boltz this year.  The Morris family   sells their cider slushies on the Western Slope, and I   wanted to bring them to NoCo.  Only $2.50 each!