Webber Middle School

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School Supply List

Supply List for Webber Middle School


6th Grade

***Please bring these items to the 6th grade check-in and put all of it in your locker***

3 ring Trapper Keeper 3” with pockets on inside, for all classes (as large as possible)

1 large soft sided pencil pouch which should contain:

1 calculator (does not have to be scientific)
Pencils - sharpened
1 personal hand held pencil sharpener
1 planner (will be provided by school)
1 pair of earbuds

3 3-hole punched pocket folders
1 1 ½-inch three ring binder w/pockets
1 3-hole spiral notebook
5 composition books
4 multicolored highlighters
1 pack of 3x3 sticky notes
1 pack of ruled index cards
1 roll of clear scotch tape with dispensers
2 (24 pack) pencils - sharpened
1 set of colored pencils – sharpened
1 box of Kleenex

Optional for Science:

1 pair of Safety Goggles

**Please pay all fees at front office payment window**

7th Grade

All students bring to keep:

1 2” Binder or Trapper Keeper with dividers
Lined paper
4 Composition notebooks
Pencil pouch with the following items inside:
Pencils - sharpened
1 12-pack of colored pencils – sharpened
1 box of washable markers
Small pencil sharpener (for colored pencils)
Calculator (scientific)
Optional for Algebra 1: graphing calculator TI83 or TI84
Ruler with standard and metric
Laptop bag or sleeve (Approx. minimum sizes are 15-inch x 10.5-inch)

Algebra 1

1 Graph paper composition notebook

All students bring to share (to be collected by first period teacher):

1 package of copy paper (optional)
2 packages of 24 sharpened wooden pencils
1 package of 24 sharpened colored pencils 
1 package of multi-colored highlighters
2 packages of 3x3 sticky notes
1 roll of double-sided tape
4 rolls of regular scotch tape
3-4 boxes of Kleenex
2 4-pack of Expo Dry Erase markers
Last names A-P packaged lined paper
Last names Q-Z packaged graph paper


1½ inch binder
1 Pack Dividers
3-5 Subject Spiral Notebook


2-pocket folder
1 3-Subject Spiral Notebook

8th Grade

2 3-ring binders (1 ½”)
2 sets of dividers
2 plastic 2-pocket folders
2 composition notebooks (graph paper)
3 spiral notebooks (preferably college ruled)
1 3-5 subject spiral notebook (English) OR 1 hard-cover journal (Pre-AP English)
1 package lined notebook paper
1 package graph paper
2 rolls Scotch tape OR 1 mini stapler
1 pack of note cards
4 pack of Expo Dry Erase markers
4 highlighters – multi-colors
1 package colored pencils
1 small pencil sharpener
24-36 pencils (wood or mechanical)
Lead for mechanical pencils
Basic Scientific Calculator - (optional for Algebra I / Geometry is a graphing calculator, TI83 or TI84)
1 small ruler with cm and inches
1 pair of earbuds
2 boxes of Kleenex
Laptop bag or sleeve: 

Approx. minimum size 15-Inch x 10.5-Inch


Misc. Courses & Electives


**1 T-shirt (purchased at Webber $5)

Health (7th)

3-ring binder

Reading Literacy (6th, 7th, 8th)

Journal-style notebook

Creative Writing

1 120-page note book (wide-ruled)
1 3-ring binder
1 package of wide ruled notebook paper

World Language Exploration (6th)

Lined paper
Colored pencils

Spanish 1 & 1B

1 3-ring binder
Lined paper
5 dividers
1 Kleenex box

German 1

Composition notebook
2 glue sticks

Technical Education

Introduction to Technology (6th)
SUGGESTED: safety glasses
Exploring Technology
SUGGESTED: safety glasses
REQUIRED: safety glasses
SUGGESTED: all-metal, mechanical pencil, lead size .7 or .9
SUGGESTED: large eraser
3D Design and Printing
SUGGESTED: digital caliper

Beginning Band (6th)

Essentials Elements Method
Books 1 &2
Percussion students
Percussion kits
Flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone players must have own instrument (owned or rented)
**French horn, baritone, and tuba available through school (reserve with band director)
**Each instrumental music student is required to purchase a Music Polo. This will be an assigned school supply to you student account via SchoolPay. Please see your director if you have any questions.

Beginning Orchestra (6th)

Essential Elements Method
Books 1 & 2
Rosin for ALL instruments
Pops brand for bass
Violins and violas must have shoulder rests
Violin players must have own instrument (owned or rented)
**Viola, cello, and bass available through school (reserve with orchestra director)
**Each instrumental music student is required to purchase a Music Polo. This will be an assigned school supply to you student account via SchoolPay. Please see your director if you have any questions.

Choir and Drama

Lined paper

Musical Theatre Production

Suggested: black soft sole shoes

Misc. Electives and ELOs

**Class fee for supplies
See course descriptions