Webber Middle School

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6th grade -
Web 2.0 Technology:  Focuses on the safe and responsible use of Web 2.0 technology for productivity and communication.  Tools covered in this class include 3D Design, Digital Photography & Video, Game Programming, Online Collaboration and Internet Safety.  In addition, this class teaches effective Internet and database research techniques.

7th & 8th grade choices-
Game Programming Digital Technology:  Includes topics such as video game programming, digital video production, advanced Web 2.0 technology, online collaboration, and geographic information systems (Google Earth). A variety of computer science and technology careers will be explored.

Web Design/Computer Animation:  Incorporate 21st century skills in a web design environment.  Students will work collaboratively to design and create innovative digital works.  Units will include:  web site design, graphics, animation, data analysis, and marketing.  Careers and life-long learning opportunities will be explored.